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Superior square tubular steel (both P and s ≤ .%)Put the pig iron for steelmaking into the steelmaking furnace according to the specified process to obtain steel. The products of steel include ingots, continuous casting billets and various steel castings made of straight square tubes. Generally speaking, but steel is not completely equal to ferrous metal.San Francisco,One of the steps that are prone to defects in the production of square tubes is heat treatment and the other is tensile treatment. Today we need to know the latter. Maybe some people will have a lot of questions about why square tubes are prone to defects in tensile. Now let's analyze the specific causes of defects.B. tool steel: (a) carbon tool steel; (b) Alloy tool steel; (c) High speed tool steel.Catacaos,If the re inspection results are unqualified (including the items whose preliminary inspection results are unqualified and re inspection is not allowed), and propose acceptance with a new batch.Reinforcing phases such as reinforcing particles, short fibers and whiskers can be added to the solder to form composites.Square tube plays an important role in the rapid economic development. The functions of square tube are different, and the tensile effect will shorten the longitudinal length of the bending line; The metal at the real bend will become thinner due to stretching.Low alloy steel is divided into q Mn, Q, St-, etc.Square tube modified square tube, square tube, QB square tube and hot-rolled square tube are qualified in quality inspection. The manufacturer adopts advanced equipment to ensure the quality of each product. Magnetic flux leakage testing for surface defects of square tubes is very similar to magnetic particle testing for square tubes, and its scope of application, sensitivity and reliability are stronger than magnetic particle testing. Indirect square forming process the traditional forming process of cold-formed square pipe is to gradually roll the hot-rolled steel coil multi stand forming unit into round pipe at room temperature, and then the shaping unit will roll the round pipe into square pipe, which is called indirect square forming process. The traditional roll forming process uses the method of fixed bending point position and variable bending radian to complete the corner forming of pipe blank, which is suitable for rolling small and medium-sized products. Rolling with this process & ldquo; Superb & rdquo; Square tube will show its inherent defects. Because the roll work in the bending process of this process is always concentrated at the point, excessive stress concentration often shows microcracks in the bending process of profiles, which will lead to cracking in serious cases. The products with such defects have serious consequences when they are used in building steel structures. The study of the broken square tube column in the Hanshin earthquake in Japan shows that the corner microcrack is the main cause of the square tube fracture. At the same time, due to the different forming bending radians of products with different wall thickness, the universality of rolls is limited. The large-size cold-formed square tube used in the process adopts the advanced & ldquo; Direct Square & rdquo; The production process is to directly roll the hot-rolled steel coil into a square and rectangular shape at room temperature.Product survey,Principle of cold drawing strengthening: the lattice defects of steel increase during plastic deformation, and the serious distortion of defect lattice will hinder the progress and slip of lattice, so the yield point of steel increases and the plasticity and toughness decrease. Due to the internal stress in plastic deformation, the modulus of steel decreases. The cold drawn reinforcement is stored at room temperature for ~ d or heated to ~ ℃ and maintained for a fixed time. This process is called aging treatment.Empty bending empty bending is the bending moment formed in one direction between the outer roll and the outer wall of the tube blank to bend the strip. Empty bending will compress the bending line, the compression effect will lengthen the bending line longitudinally, and the metal at the bending will accumulate and thicken which is the compression thickening effect of empty bending.Derusting: This is an important process for galvanized square pipes and components before coating, and it is the key to the quality of galvanized square pipes. Thorough derusting can improve the adhesion of antirust paint and prolong the service life of galvanized square pipe.

San FranciscoPrice of galvanized square pipe DN100Operation and construction advantages

Among them, qb square tube is divided into: (a) by process & mdash& mdash; Arc welded square pipe, resistance welded square pipe (high frequency and low frequency), gas welded square pipe and furnace welded square pipe (b) are divided by weld & mdash& mdash; Straight seam welded square pipe, spiral weldingConvenient and efficient,C. special performance steel: (a) stainless and acid resistant steel; (b) Heat resistant steel; (c) Electric heating alloy steel; (d) Electrical steel; (e) High manganese wear resistant steel.Now, with the continuous development of qb square tube, its use is becoming more and more extensive, and the technology is also following up. Therefore, we still look forward to the development of qb square tube in the future.Solution treatment and nondestructive testing sand rolling treatment and sand blasting treatment many manufacturers in the market do not do solution treatment and % penetration nondestructive testing, and many of them use sand blasting instead of sand rolling. After these steps are omitted, the cost is greatly reduced.San Francisco,The surface of galvanized square pipe treated by sand blasting,San FranciscoHot dip galvanized plastic coated steel pipe, shot blasting or pickling process is relatively clean,San FranciscoGalvanized wire pipe and galvanized steel pipe, and the oxide scale and rust are removed which improves the adhesion of the coating. When the installation site unconditionally adopts sand blasting and shot blasting, manual and mechanical derusting can be adopted, but the derusting quality level must be reached.Fake and shoddy square tubes are easy to scratch, because the equipment of fake and shoddy material manufacturers is simple and easy to produce burrs and scratch the surface of square tubes. Deep scratches reduce the strength of square tubes.Precision inner diameter square tubes for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders (gb-) are cold drawn or cold-rolled precision square tubes with precision inner diameter for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

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