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The secondary grouting pipe can only be grouted once and cannot be reused.● specification: inner diameter of secondary grouting pipe: mm; Outer diameter: mm; Inner diameter tolerance: & plusmn; .mm; Length of each roll: m.

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After the grouting hole is drilled, install and lower the grouting pipe, grout stop plug, mixer and other facilities in the hole.According to the sequence of sectional construction along the stratum depth, grouting can be divided into sectional downward, sectional upward and sub full depth grouting. The segmented downward type is to start from the ground, drill section holes from top to bottom and inject section slurry. After each injection section, continue to extend the drilling and grouting, so as to alternately carry out until the designed final grouting depth, and then carry out re grouting from bottom to top; The sectional upward pattern is that the grouting hole is drilled to the final grouting depth at one time. All kinds of grouting pipes, steel flower pipes, advance small conduits,Terry BenSeamless pipe, high-pressure grouting pipes, pipe shed pipes and the formal qualification of grouting pipe factory are welcome to inquire by telephone and sincerely invite cooperation! Grout stop shall be used for bottom-up sectional grouting; The secondary full depth grouting method is to drill the grouting hole to the final grouting depth, and then conduct secondary grouting for the full depth.Terry BenSeamless pipePrice stable operation,Terry BenSteel pipe,2022-05-0505:00:36The grouting mechanism includes filling grouting infiltration grouting, compaction grouting and splitting grouting. Grouting materials include granular slurry and chemical slurry. Granular slurry is mainly cement slurry, and chemical slurry includes silicate (water glass) and high slurry. Silicification method, alkali solution method, double liquid silicification method, aerated silicification method and electric double liquid silicification method.

Terry BenSeamless pipePrice stable operation

Special slings shall be used for the lifting of horizontal members such as laminated plates, and the stress at each lifting point shall be uniform to avoid fracture due to uneven stress of members. Grouting method is to put some solidified slurry into the cracks or pores of rock foundation in order to improve its physical and mechanical properties. Professional grouting pipe,Terry BenGrouting pipe, steel flower pipe, advance small pipe, high-pressure grouting pipe, pipe shed pipe, grouting pipe factory, high price, on-site settlement and honest management! The purpose of grouting is to prevent seepage, stop leakage, strengthen and correct the deflection of buildings.A -m long orifice pipe is installed at the opening of the grouting hole to prevent possible hole collapse. At the same time, it plays a guiding role in drilling. During grouting, it is used to install orifice closure device to prevent slurry leakage.Terry BenSeoul,● features: the grouting pipe is divided into secondary grouting pipe (ccll-y grouting pipe, ccll-y full section grouting pipe) and repetitive grouting pipe (ccll-d grouting pipe, ccll-d full section grouting pipe)

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It's worthy of praise, really good, Terry BenSeamless pipe I like it very much.

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