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Steel used & mdash& mdash; Such as bridge steel, ship steel,BeiwanGalvanized conduit, boiler steel, pressure vessel steel, agricultural machinery steel, etc.Among them, qb square tube is divided into: (a) by process & mdash& mdash; Arc welded square pipe, resistance welded square pipe (high frequency and low frequency), gas welded square pipe and furnace welded square pipe (b) are divided by weld & mdash& mdash; Straight seam welded square pipe, spiral weldingBeiwan,All seamless qb square tubes shall be tested for mechanical properties. Mechanical property tests are mainly divided into two categories: tensile test and hardness test.: it refers to the processing of square tube, which places metal in a closed Jane and applies pressure at the end to extrude the metal from the specified die hole to obtain finished products with the same shape and size. It is mostly used to produce non-ferrous metal materials. Square tube ferrous metal, steel and non-ferrous metal. Before introducing the classification of steel, briefly introduce the basic concepts of ferrous metal, square tube steel and non-ferrous metal.Nola,So flat, it can reflect that this square tube is a poor product& rdquo;Steel for construction and engineering according to the classification of use without phase transformation or partial phase transformation of square tube: A. ordinary carbon structural steel; b. Low alloy structural steel; c. Steel reinforcement.Welding is a synthetic gradient material, which can be used as solder to weld special-shaped materials in order to overcome the mismatch of chemical, mechanical and physical properties between base metals.

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The first is to remove the rust of the square tube. When removing the rust of the square tube, the steel wire brush is mainly used to polish its surface, which can effectively remove the loose or rusty rust on the surface of the square tube.The surface compressive stress characteristics of the square tube will be obtained after isothermal quenching.We all know very well. Therefore,BeiwanGalvanized threading pipe manufacturer, we also need to ask the personnel of the square tube manufacturer for instructions, and use ingenious methods to prolong the service life of the square tube, so that the square tube can bring us greater help in life.agent,The reason why the surface of fake and shoddy materials is easy to crack is that its blank is adobe with many air holes. During the cooling process, the adobe has cracks due to the action of thermal stress and there are cracks after rolling.The advantage of empty bending is that it can bend the side length when the real bending cannot be carried out, such as synchronous bending and finishing of the upper side and side of qb square tube. Empty bending can also bend the inner corner of r.t without breaking the tube wall.The second is the pickling of the square pipe. Both chemical and electrolytic methods are used when pickling the square pipe. These two methods can remove the oxide skin of the square pipe.

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Square tube is a very good steel in economic construction. There are many kinds and principles of cold drawing. You may still have a lot of insufficient understanding of the cold drawing principle of each other's pipe. Next,The difference between hot-dip galvanized square pipe and cold-dip galvanized square pipe is mainly from the following aspects: the appearance of hot-dip galvanized square pipe is slightly rough compared with cold-dip galvanized square pipe; The appearance of cold galvanized square pipe is smooth and bright.Compared with other traditional pipes, square pipe supply steel pipe has lighter raw materials, high strength, good resistance, can withstand high internal pressure, sensitive application, and can get used to messy or bad geological conditions.The advantage of empty bending is that it can bend the side length when the real bending cannot be carried out, such as synchronous bending and finishing of the upper side and side of qb square tube. Empty bend can also bend R & amp; amp; lt; .T without fracture of pipe wall.Beiwan,The floating mandrel mill is in its heydayIn the square tube production process of welding before forming, the forming is mainly completed by the sizing frame. The sizing machine is generally a two high mill, including horizontal frame and vertical roll frame. At present, there are mainly two kinds of square pipe pass design: one is the horizontal frame is designed according to the box hole, the frame is an elliptical hole, and the other frames are approximately rectangular holes. The pass section is composed of circular arc. Professional projects include: square pipe, square pipe, seamless square pipe galvanized square pipe, galvanized pipe and other related businesses. Please welcome merchants who want to have this business. And the arc radius increases frame by frame,Beiwan150 hot dip galvanized pipe, The fillet radius of the joint between the side wall and the bottom of all pass patterns is equal to the fillet radius of the finished section. The total elongation coefficient of the square tube is about , which is mainly distributed on the flat roller. The deformation of the vertical roller is very small, and its function is to press down the short side of the square tube. With this design the calculation is complex and the calculation value is not accurate enough. It is necessary to constantly correct the pass circumference.Alloy steel: A. low alloy steel (total alloy element content & le; %); b. Medium alloy steel (total alloy element content > ~ %); c. High alloy steel (total alloy element content > %).

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