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The general delivery length of qb square pipe is mm-mm, mostly mm and mm. Qb square tube is allowed to deliver short length and non fixed length products not less than mm, or in the form of interface tubeFunctional index analysis of qb square tube - the load on the machine parts due to the great progress of strength is called the frontal collapse load. The power of destruction of qb square tube under the frontal collapse load is called the frontal collapse toughness.Belville,Pile pipe and bridge; Pipes for wharf, road, building structure, etc. It is mainly used as petroleum geological drilling pipe, boiler pipe, bearing pipe, high-precision structural pipe for automobile, tractor and aviation, etc.It is the process of drawing the die hole of the rolled metal blank (shape, pipe, product, etc.) into a section to reduce the length and increase. It is mostly used for cold processing.Micronesia,Among them qb square tube is divided into: (a) by process & mdash& mdash; Arc welded square pipe,Belville160 galvanized square pipe, gas welded square pipe and furnace welded square pipe (b) are divided by weld & mdash& mdash; Straight seam welded square pipe resistance welded square pipe (high frequency and low frequency), spiral weldingSquare tube heating process square tube calculates the chip thickness of workpiece. After each regrinding, the service life of the saw blade. Regrinding times of the saw blade. When the saw blade is replaced, the main drive AC motor spindle rotates stepless speed change AC motor feed capacity stepless speed change feed fast return to a constant value center system brush device hydraulic saw cutting system system system represents the quality RA flatness, large burr height cutting Chip length tolerance dimension: width and length . ~ .mm ~ m ~ ~ min kW ~ rpm ( kw ~ mmmin mmmin .kw .kw & times; kW S & mu; m . mm & plusmn; mm about mm about mm about mm high. The total weight of each billet square tube is seconds (including, saw blade return, opening device, pipe blank discharge, head and tail cutting time, but excluding pipe blank transportation time). The large production capacity of the three saws is T / A. the pipe blank saw has a special reversing device (hydraulic servo device) to reduce vibration and improve the service life of the saw (only during feeding). The sawing machine has two devices distributed at the inlet and outlet (the input area is supported by roller table to ensure the bending of billet) The inlet end after sawing. Open it to ensure that the saw blade does not contact the blank when it returns. & mdash; feed saw gear & mdash; saw gear vibration reduction, as a movable vibration reduction to avoid the axial of the saw blade. & mdash; brush and sweep device & mdash; a driving brush and sweep device is installed at the bottom of the saw blade to clean the iron filings on the teeth and will not affect the service life of the saw blade. &Mdash; saw blade. In order to improve the service life of the saw blade, a small amount of high load agent container is atomized by air and poured on the saw blade without residue. & mdash; saw blade cooling device. A special nozzle is used to spray cold air at - oC on the saw blade. The cut-off blank is transferred to the buffer chain in front of the loader after passing through the outlet roller table and weighing device (Note: # before sawing, there is a feeding bench for single size billets that need to be cut, and after weighing, there is a feeding bench for returned billets). The buffer transfer chain transports the billets to the lower roller table of the loader. The billets are turned over from the chain to the roller table by the turnover hook. The weighed qualified billets are loaded into the annular furnace by the loader, and the weighed unqualified billets are transported from the roller table to the removal bench for removal.B. converter steel: (a) acid converter steel; (b) Basic converter steel. Or (a) bottom blown converter steel; (b) Side blown converter steel; (c) Top blown converter steel.

BelvilleGalvanized square tube telephoneWhat if it fails to start normally

Stage ( & mdash; )When cutting the square tube, there will be deformation, uneven incision and crack of the incision. What should we pay attention to when cutting the square tube and how to operate it? Today, I will introduce some problems that should be paid attention to when cutting the square tube. If the correct operation will make the square tube cutting work very smooth, please use a rag or cloth to clean the oil on the surface of the square tube Sundries or soil shall be completely clean.Brinell hardness (HB) Rockwell hardness (HRC) and Vickers hardness (HV) are commonly used.Variable cost,Square pipe is the name of square pipe, that is, steel pipe with equal side length. It is made of rolled strip steel after process treatment.For oil, the oil brush work shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the rule system, so as to ensure the oil brush and the oil in the correct position of the brush and avoid wrinkles.B. tool steel: (a) carbon tool steel; (b) Alloy tool steel; (c) High speed tool steel.

BelvilleGalvanized square tube telephoneWhat if it fails to start normally

The disadvantage of empty bending is that during synchronous empty bending at the upper and side, due to the pressure generated by the upper roll and the lower roll at the same time, the forming force is easy to exceed the critical point. All kinds of square tubes, square rectangular tubes, seamless square tubes, galvanized square tubes and galvanized tubes have formal qualifications. Welcome to telephone inquiry and sincerely invite cooperation! It will cause edge instability and concave, and will also affect the stable operation of the unit and forming quality. This is also the different characteristics of qb square tube and round tube empty,The principle of straightening machine is that a disc is divided into two sides to clamp round steel straight lines. Professional square tube, square rectangular tube, seamless square tube, galvanized square tube, galvanized tube, high price, service, on-site settlement, honest operation! The edge is one with radius r, and the other outer edge must be two equal diameters with radius R. The diameter of the reinforcement to be straightened is D, and the center distance between them is adjusted to R + R + D.Requirements for samples samples can be taken from metal pipes with qualified appearance. Generally sawing is adopted.B. tool steel: (a) carbon tool steel; (b) Alloy tool steel; (c) High speed tool steel.Belville,If the re inspection results are unqualified (including the items whose preliminary inspection results are unqualified and re inspection is not allowed), the supplier can submit them for acceptance one by one; Or re conduct heat treatment (the number of RE heat treatment shall not exceed times), and propose acceptance with a new batch.Derusting: This is an important process for galvanized square pipes and components before coating

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