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A specific part of dry-type transformer is the hanging core of dry-type transformer. The hanging core of dry-type transformer is a vital component. How to carry out the hanging core?Deterioration damage of transformer core insulationGuaimaro,For oil transformer oil replenishment unused transformer oil conforming to the new standard should be selected first. In addition, the oil with the same basic, same brand and same additive type is expected to have a stronger effect. The characteristics of the oil should not be lower than that of the oil in mechanical equipment. When the new remaining oil is less than %, there is generally no problem. However, if there is more new remaining oil, oil shall be added before oil type Chromatographic analysis and pressure test shall be carried out to establish that there is no oil stain, and the acid value and dielectric loss shall not exceed the oil in the machinery and equipment.When the transformer is out of phase, if the second phase is blocked, there is still no sound when the second phase is sent, and there is sound when the third phase is sent; If the third phase is blocked, as in the case of the second phase. There are three reasons for phase deficiency:Chanthaburi,Avoid aging and damage of power transformer iron core insulation: aging of iron core insulation or damage of waterproof sleeve holding anchor bolt will cause large vortex of iron core, and long-term scalding of iron core will lead to insulation aging.Equipped with a temperature controller, platinum thermistor (pt) is placed beside the embedded hole on the top of the low-voltage solenoid coil to test the winding resistance temperature rise of the transformer, stop the cooling centrifugal fan, set up common problem alarm, overtemperature alarm and overtemperature tripping effect, and provide reliable overvoltage protection machinery and equipment for the dry test transformer, so as to test the safety performance of the transformer operation.The heat discharge pipe of heat pipe radiator is generally made of slotted seamless steel pipe after flattening by stamping die. When the heat discharge pipe is bent and welded by electric welding, source, sampling date, sampling person, weather conditions and other materials of the oil sample.Scheme customization,How much is the power transformerThe scientific research of power transformer oil is generally carried out according to the way of sampling. What are the common sampling methods and processes?Therefore, in the operation prevention and regulation of relay protection dry-type transformer, it is necessary to find the short-circuit fault point according to the fault situation, lock the fault point, and analyze the short-circuit fault types of relay protection dry-type transformer. At the same time, if all fields are clear, disconnect the switching power supply at the fault point, the maintenance work of employees will be carried out smoothly and the harm will not expand to a greater extent.

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The technical specification of power consumption requires that the resistance of maintenance grounding wire shall be ≤ Ω, The resistor is generally more than & omega; According to Ohm's law, when the insulating layer is damaged, the current is only / of the total current flow,GuaimaroCapacity specification of power transformer, so as to play a guarantee effect. The higher the voltage, the smaller the resistance, in other words, in the case of high voltage. We can care about the power transformer plant and master a lot of professional knowledge.Equipment maintenance,The whole process of hanging the core of dry-type transformer is more critical, and there are many situations that the hanging core of dry-type transformer must pay special attention to. Therefore, the hanging core of dry-type transformer should be carried out according to the above matters, so as to promote the safety of dry-type transformer!Accurately measure the resistance of each phase winding and carry out the measurement. If there is a great difference, it is a common fault of the winding. Then carry out the appearance inspection of the iron core,GuaimaroIntroduction to dry type transformer, paint the damaged part.The insulating layer shaft and the connecting articles between the bell jar and the core shall be removed. If it is a hanging bell inspection, the oil shall be pumped into the bottom of the bell jar before the bell jar can be removed.Guaimaro,If you want to check the activated carbon fiber for the hanging cover, first take out the low-voltage waterproof sleeve and the on load transformer power switch, slowly hang the galvanized steel wire rope with sufficient lifting net weight on the commonly used earrings, wear round steel from top to bottom in the surrounding screw holes, and count the spacing and specifications for easy reinstallation. At the same time, the cable wind shall be added on all sides to ensure that the core international body will not be damaged during the whole lifting process. After lifting for mm, stop the lifting, stabilize the bell cover, and check the bearing capacity of the lifting core, center of gravity and Jack. After everything is normal, lift it again until the bell cover exceeds the relative height of the body, and rotate the crane to place the bell cover on the clean skid.Plug in the power with full load first, observe and detect that the input and output voltage meets the regulations. At the same time, check whether the equipment has abnormal sound,GuaimaroTechnical parameters of scb12 dry type transformer, ignition, odor and other abnormal conditions. If there is any abnormality, please cut off the input switching power supply.In terms of the place of use dry-type transformers are mostly used in & ldquo; Fireproof and explosion-proof type & rdquo; It is easy to use in large and medium-sized engineering buildings and multi-storey buildings; The oil immersed transformer because of & ldquo; Accident & rdquo; There is likely to be oil or leakage after fire, and most application places leading to fire accidents are easy to choose in large and medium-sized engineering buildings and multi-storey buildings;

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